I believe in clear communication displayed in iOS apps through simple functional user interface design.

Languages and Frameworks

Swift, Objective-C, JSON, XML, English

Software Expertise

Native iOS Development (10 years), Xcode, Git, Emacs


Hogo  April 2022 - June 2023
Hogo is a customer facing privacy centered credit monitoring app. In connection with Five Pack Creative, I worked as an iOS developer on a multi-platform team to help bring Hogo to launch, then to continue to refine and add features. The app is build in native Swift and boasts a custom state based presentation layer. I took the lead on the reward system, as well as contributing to many features and bug fixes throughout the app. The app is currently live in the App Store. For more information, see

SherpaCRM  February 2020 - October 2020
I worked with a multi-platform team, building mobile apps for the SherpaCRM platform. My work focused on the iOS app, which used RxSwift throughout. Some things to note are a custom built API layer using NSURLSession and a dynamic form creation system for creating and updating contact information. We also setup an automated build process with unit and integration tests. For more information, see The app is live in the App Store.

Ping Pilot App  January 2018 - September 2019
I worked with a multi-platform team, building a next generation communication as a service platform. My work focused on the iOS app, some things to note are a light weight API layer built using NSURLSession, an offline sync engine utilizing NSOperationQueue and CoreData, and a web socket connection for direct interaction with chat and in app notifications. For more information, see

Market Intelligence
by John Hancock Investments App  July - December 2016
I worked on a team with MAARK to help bring this iPad app through MVP, and to the App Store. In particular, I developed custom animated transitions, built an offline data sync system, and integrated JSON data from a web service into the app. The app was developed natively in Swift.

Dashing Dish App  November 2015 - December 2016 was looking to bring their successful membership based website into the iOS App Store. I took an existing, but unfinished codebase, and added functionality and polish. Some highlights are a new offline sync system, redesigned calendar UI, and an in app purchase system to sync with the API. The app was developed using both Objective-C and Swift.

Cloth  June 2014 - January 2015
I was the lead iOS developer of Cloth app (, an iOS app and social network for cataloging and sharing style and fashion. The app has been featured in many prominent news outlets, including TechCrunch and Mashable. The app was built in Objective-C.

What others are saying

Seth is a mature, thoughtful and detailed mobile app engineer. Not only skilled and experienced, Seth’s strong personal character makes him a valuable asset to any project or team.
- John Simanowitz, Partner and CEO at Integrity
Our team at Lelander loves working with Seth! He is great team player and has terrific communication habits and skills. Seth is a skilled, reliable, self-disciplined developer who works diligently to improve his craft.  
- JP Revel, Principle at Lelander