Unite This City Prayer Team Training

We will meet early to pray at 5:15pm at the fairgrounds, so please arrive a few minutes before that.

Schedule - Saturday, October 12

  • 5:15pm pre-meeting prayer
  • 5:30pm welcome and meet people as they arrive
  • 6:00pm music
  • 6:20pm testimonies and baptism
  • 6:50pm gospel and response (be ready to come and pray for people)
  • 7:10pm conclusion -> BBQ hotdog dinner


People will respond in different ways to the gospel. We want to be prepared to meet people where they are at.

  • Red light: stop and ask to pray for them
  • Yellow light: setup a time to read about Jesus as soon as possible (example Bible Study
  • Green light: setup a time to begin discipling (use the New You book if you don't already have a plan)

We want to have a rough idea of how people respond. So for each person you pray with, please fill out this form.